Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Integrated FMEA-MCDM For Prioritizing Operational Disruption in Production Process

Muqimuddin and Moses Laksono Singgih


The more complex the production system of a company, definitely makes it sensitive of change or known as disruption. Disruptions always occur in production process and also cause productivity decrease. If there are any kind of disruptions occur, so the desicion maker have to prioritize it appropriately. The risk is going to be greater as a consequance when the priority made is false. FMEA is one method that is often used for evaluation and prioritization, especially failure as one type of disruption to minimize risk which can be adopted to assess and evaluate disruptions. The FMEA has some shortcomings including it is not considering the importance of each factor, not considering uncertain information from expert, not considering the cost as one of the criterion considered, and the level of severity is hard to measure, because on different objects can be measured by different aspect. Therefore, this research aims to develop FMEA model for prioritizing disruptions in production process. The model can improve some shortcomings of conventional FMEA. In achieving this goal, several methods are integrated including Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) which aims to determine the importance weighting of RPN element factors. In addition, this study uses the Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to an Ideal Solution for prioritizing disruption. Rough set also uses as a method for aggregating opinion of experts, and also uses for improving uncertain information. The model also considers loss revenue as aspect to measure severity level of disruption in determining prioritization.

Keywords: FMEA, Loss Revenue, Uncertain Information, Operational Disruption,

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