Productivity and Quality in Smart Manufacturing Systems

Production System Improvement UD. Indo Prima Plastik With Lean Manufacturing

Muhammad Shollahudin Nur Anwar and Moses Laksono Singgih


UD. Indo Prima Plastik is a company engaged in the processing of plastic waste into non-food grade household products. Some processes add value to the production process, and some processes are not valueadded or waste. The objective of this research is to reduce or eliminate non-value-added processes are by lean manufacturing. The urgency to conduct this research is waste reduction will reduce production costs and time so that it will increase productivity. The company’s leaders chooses lean manufacturing because the company’s leaders wants to reduce processes that are not value-added but do not want to make significant overhauls, and production continues despite system changes in the company. The initial stage will be valued stream mapping as a control path map so that all production activities will be well described and carry out an identification and elimination system to eliminate activities that are not following the company’s achievements. The final process will be an FMEA system for problem-solving. The results showed that the three critical wastes were Delay and Waiting, Unnecessary Motion, and Inappropriate Processing. The root causes of critical waste are the skills and abilities of employees and a shortage of materials for production.

Keywords: lean manufacturing, VSM, Big picture mapping, RCA


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